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    Our Tampa Training Center has more than 19,000 square feet under roof and is equipped with several 5-ton bridge cranes, three fixed cab mobile cranes, swing cab mobile crane, and a Manitowoc lattice boom crawler crane. Tampa Training Center is a place to sharpen your forklift skills, learn how to operate overhead cranes safely, and practice running a boom supported personnel lift. Experience our modern classrooms, each designed for maximum learning.

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    Crane Training
  • On-Site Training

    Customized training at your facility targets your exact equipment and work requirements at an affordable price. On-Site training helps ensure your employees gain the knowledge and skills to work safely and confidently, using the equipment they operate every day in their own work environment.

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    On Site Crane Training
  • Scheduled Training

    Scheduled Training programs are an excellent way to achieve compliance and meet safety goals when only a few people need training. Our most popular courses are regularly offered at our Tampa Training Center and in select cities throughout the United States. Crane Tech training meets your regulatory requirements with expert instruction and professionally developed courseware that advances knowledge and on-the-job safety with confidence.

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    Crane Operator School
  • Professional Operator Development (POD)

    Mobile Crane Professional Operator Development training puts operators on track to get their national crane operator certification in three short weeks. This extensive training provides the knowledge and skills to become an NCCCO certified crane operator with employable skill sets. As a bonus, you will receive training and testing required by OSHA to become a Qualified Rigger.

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    NCCCO Certification Crane Training
  • Virtual Training

    Virtual Training brings you high-quality training programs you expect at the convenience of not leaving your work location. A professional Crane Tech instructor leads each program while you have course materials in hand. Virtual Training has flexible scheduling making all programs convenient and practical. Virtual Training is an excellent way to limit who enters your facility yet delivers the same technical training as a live in-person instructor.

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    Crane Safety Consulting Services

Our Clients

US Department of Energy
University of South Florida
Exxon Mobile
Department of the Navy - United States Marine Corps
Westar Energy
US Coast Guard
United States Coast Guard 1790
  • Teamwork

    crane training team

    We are one team working in concert to draw on unique skills and abilities with a unified clear purpose. We encourage diversity and equal opportunity to enable maximum potential. Our dedicated and experienced team is our foundation—without it we cannot succeed.

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  • Integrity

    crane operator training safety

    Honesty and fairness are what we live by. We will always do what’s right, and understand that trust is critical. We stake our personal and professional reputations on the excellence of our work. Compromising integrity means failure - we refuse to fail.

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  • Commitment

    nccco crane operator school

    We are proud to be consistently associated with the highest standards, unsurpassed quality and personal attention to our client’s needs. We are measured by the strength of our character and unwavering commitment to do what’s right - all the time.

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Welcome to Crane Tech – A New Industry Is Born…

Teddy Roosevelt on Steam Shovel CraneThis photograph of President Teddy Roosevelt at the Panama Canal in 1906 hung prominently in our late founder’s office as long as anyone can recall. Charlie “Doc” Collier would wait while visitors examined the photograph’s detail then joined them in a smile of pride at the sight of Roosevelt; wearing his signature Brooks Brothers white suit and Panama hat while sitting on what must have been a very greasy Bucyrus Erie steam shovel. The picture inspired Doc and reminded him of the inexpressible reality of an untrained workforce. When Doc sold his home to finance the start-up of Crane Tech, his goal was to create a business that would stem the tragic losses continuing to plague the 1970’s workforce. Crane and rigging accidents were costing industry billions each year through material losses and wasted downtime. Doc’s vision was to bring safety to the men and women working in the field by educating them to recognize hazards and teaching the skills to work safely and efficiently. This photograph kept Doc focused and helped sustain his drive and the drive for those who hoped to work very long at Crane Tech. Doc was a people person and a driven man who believed in his vision; that all men and women can put in a good days work and return safely to their family at the end of each day.

The photograph depicts an ambitious nation rushing to solve a great problem, and symbolizes the good in the American workforce. But, Doc saw the true cost of the Canal; the pictures of toiling and injured men not taken, the devastation from an undisciplined workforce, and well-meaning workers unprepared to recognize the dangers inherent with construction activity. This photograph reminded Doc that for every fifty miles of canal length more than five-hundred workers died. Doc would say; “Workers is just too matter-of-fact. We’re talking about fathers, brothers, husbands and young men.” Continue Reading…

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