10 Tips For Wire Rope Inspection

Periodic wire rope inspection is a key factor in keeping your mobile crane operations in working order.  Here are some tips to help keep both the operator and inspector safe when wire rope is being inspected  on a mobile crane:

  1. The crane operator and inspector must start with a meeting to discuss each person’s role and how the inspection will be preformed—it helps if the crane operator knows what the inspector will be doing.
  2. The inspector must NEVER stand next to the crane drum when the crane’s house lock is not engaged.
  3. The inspector must NEVER inspect wire rope as it is coming onto a drum—the rope should be inspected as is it is being spooled off the drum.
  4. The inspector must have fall protection so both hands can be used during the inspection.
  5. The wire rope is never spooled more than about 36-inches at a time. This allows the inspector to reach each section of rope for inspection.
  6. The inspector must wear protective gloves that allow for feel of the rope—only half the rope can be seen at any given time, so feel is critical to the inspection.
  7. The crane operator NEVER spools rope off the drum until they clearly understand the inspector’s instruction to do so. A suggested method would be having the operator adjust the rear facing mirror to see the inspector—and the drum does not move on verbal command alone, but they must see the inspector’s hands held up and away from the drum.
  8. If direct visual communication cannot be maintained a signal person should be used.
  9. The operator should understand that some areas of the rope inspection take longer than others—at times there may be longer or shorter delays between spooling commands.
  10. Absolute safety must be maintained at all times—any misunderstanding of a command from the inspector must be met by not moving the drum.

Remember Safety through Education is more than just our motto, it is our guiding principle. If you need to schedule mobile crane inspector training, or are looking for a reputable company to provide inspections, look no further–call 800-290-0007 or request a quote.

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