In A Student’s Words: Eric’s Story

Monday, November 14th, 2016

Eric Perreault, is a student in Crane Tech’s Professional Operator Development program and a candidate for Crane Hot Line’s Top Trainer Scholarship. During the week of hands-on training, we caught up with the Eric to gain a better understanding of why he wanted to become a crane operator and get his feedback on training so far.

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If you don’t have the ability to watch a YouTube Video, or just want to read it for yourself, here’s what Eric had to say:

Why did you come to Crane Tech?

I came to Crane Tech because as I want to advance my life a little bit. I want to get somewhere with the higher cap than I am right now.  I love big machinery. I wanted to get started with the biggest machinery and Crane Tech seemed like a great place to do that.

How is your journey been so far?

Phenomenal. It’s a lot of information, a lot of learning, a lot to take in a short period of time but great instructors getting their points across make it real easy.

How have you done in the seat of the crane?

eric-terex225I’ll tell you I was like a little kid in a big giant sandbox the first couple of times I sat in that crane that is absolutely a lot of fun. A little tough at first, it takes some getting used to but again good instructors, couple of good tips, and no time at all your you swinging through the courses and the tests without a problem.

Why would you encourage someone else to come to Crane Tech?

A whole bunch of reasons. Again with the way the information that they hand you, the program itself, the certifications you come away with at the end of the program, and the possibilities that it open up for you in the future as far as a career. The cost of the program itself its just—what you get for what you give and what you could end up with down the road—is a phenomenal value in a phenomenal program.

Congratulations Eric for applying yourself so far in the course and learning what it entails to become a mobile crane operator. Good luck on your NCCCO tests this week!

For more information on the Professional Operator Development Program or the Crane Hot Line Scholarship (only good through the Nov 28- Dec 13,2016 course) click here or call us at 800-290-0007. Remember Safety through Education is more than just our motto, it is our guiding principle.


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