Personal Fall Arrest Systems – Protecting Against Falls

FPSCrane-RailIt is not uncommon for decks of mobile cranes to be slippery from grease or have other possible trip hazards that may not be easily seen when inspecting equipment. Inspectors must be aware of these risks when performing inspections, but it doesn’t mean that Crane Tech can’t provide a safe environment for them to learn the detailed skill of mobile crane inspection. In an effort to provide that additional layer of safety, Crane Tech installed a Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS) for use by our hands-on mobile crane inspector students. The PFAS allows up to four (4) students to move freely on the deck of our mobile cranes, knowing that should they slip (or even move too fast) the retractable lifeline will lock in place to help prevent injury.

Certified-Slings-Logoweb2The PFAS was purchased from Certified Slings and Supply, an authorized distributor of Capital Safety products. The system uses the DBI Sala Trolley for I-Beam that was engineered to be an anchor point when attached to horizontal beams. The trolley is mounted to one of Crane Tech’s 5-ton overhead bridge cranes, allowing ease of movement across the crane deck while providing a secure point of attachment capable of supporting a load of 5,000 lbs. For the lanyard, Crane Tech selected the 33′ Protecta Rebel Retrieval Self Retractable Lifeline (SRL) with galvanized wire and double locking snap hooks. The SRL’s  will extend as the user moves away, and retract automatically enabling the user to move about within a recommended working area at normal speeds. Should a fall occur, a speed sensing brake system will activate stopping the fall and reducing the forces imposed on the user to safe levels. Finally to complete the system, Crane Tech procured the Protecta Pro Construction Style Positioning Harness, which allows for ease of adjustment for students, while ensuring safety.

TDSC_1700ghis is just another way that Crane Tech is constantly improving our processes, policies, and equipment to not only ensure safety, but to create an environment conducive to learning. Remember Safety through Education is more than our motto, it is our guiding principle.

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