Boom Truck NCCCO Certified Operator

Crane Tech’s Boom Truck NCCCO Certified Operator course helps prepare operators to gain NCCCO certification. Through our specialized knowledge of what it takes to become a Certified Operator, full-time staff dedicated to the certification process—including NCCCO Certified Operators and NCCCO Accredited Practical Examiners—and our proprietary educational materials, Crane Tech can help operators gain these credentials that will set them apart.

Operators who successfully complete Crane Tech’s NCCCO Boom Truck—Fixed Cab certification preparation program are better equipped to make positive decisions regarding safety and control of their equipment. We believe that it’s not how well one does on a test, but how well one can maintain an accident-free site long term.

With active participation in the NCCCO, detailed knowledge of the NCCCO process, our unparalleled industry experience, and excellent quality and customer service standards—why choose any other company?


The NCCCO Boom Truck—Fixed Cab Operator certification is a subcategory of the NCCCO Telescopic Boom—Fixed Cab (TSS) Mobile Crane Operator certification and was developed specifically for the industries that use these machines.

This course is available through our On-Site Training program, and will:

  • Cover what’s required to successfully pass the NCCCO Boom Truck—Fixed Cab certification written and practical exams.
  • Provide new knowledge and skills that enhance your safety and work practices on the job.
  • Satisfy OSHA training requirements for construction, general industry, and maritime while providing essential information to keep you and your fellow workers safe.

Major Course Topics Include:

  • Site and Setup
  • Operations
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Load Charts


After the preparation and training, Crane Tech will facilitate the written and practical exams required for certification. To be NCCCO certified for a five-year period, candidates must pass the written exam and the one practical exam.

The written examination consists of one examination. The written Boom Truck—Fixed Cab (BTF) exam is a modified version of the current TSS written exam. Questions that are irrelevant to boom trucks have been removed, and replaced with questions that specifically deal with boom truck operations.

Candidates for BTF must take the TSS practical exam, but the candidate is required to operate a boom truck during the exam. The practical examination demonstrates crane operator proficiency.

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    On-Site Training

    More About On-Site Training

    When it comes to on-site training Crane Tech offers more services and options.


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    Field Coaching: We will work with your operators one-on-one to help them build the skills necessary to ensure safety and job performance.

    Practical Testing: Crane Tech will test your personnel and provide a report so you can assign jobs with confidence.

    Site Specific: Crane Tech will never deliver a "canned" program to your site. Our Training Director listens carefully to learn your work requirements, your exact equipment, and training objectives. Site specific training means just that; Instruction that fits your company like a glove, and it’s where Crane Tech excels. We incorporate your policies so there are no conflicts between our instruction and your in-house efforts, and all government agency programs are tailored to your specific agency policies.

    Each of our instructors will gladly work with your management to help resolve critical issues. So training goes further than course delivery... it always extends to help you resolve issues specific to your operations.

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