Master Rigger – Level 3

When you are ready to take your rigging knowledge to new heights, Crane Tech’s Master Rigging training program will teach concepts and techniques to move loads under any given circumstances.  Learn to winch and drift loads, calculate stress in multiple hitch configurations, application of beam and trolley clamps, and much more.

This level of training rounds out the technical knowledge for the person who must ensure that all aspects of the rigging job are properly assessed and that safety is assured.  Three days of in-depth technical training followed by two days of hands-on exercises and practical exams to reinforce the skills learned.

This course is provided at our Tampa Training Center with hands-on rigging activities to reinforce the skills taught.

Who Should Attend:

  • Experienced Level 2 or Journeyman Riggers looking to take their rigging abilities to the next level (pre-requisite understanding of Level 2 topics)
  • Riggers who work inside a plant or refinery that do not have the luxury of a crane to assist with lifting, lowering and placing loads.

Course Topics Include:

  • Overview of Level 2 topics
  • Calculating complex load weights
  • Attaching and handling complex loads
  • Block and tackle systems
  • Reeving
  • Multiple hoist lifts
  • Turning loads and up-ending (tailing)
  • Winching and drifting loads
  • Horizontal pulling of loads
  • Jacking and rolling
  • Off-level pick point calculations
  • Detailed Load Planning
  • Using overhead beams as rigging supports
  • And, much more…

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