Rigger Level I & II – NCCCO Certification

Crane Tech’s Rigger Level I & II NCCCO Certification course helps prepare riggers and operators to gain CCO certification. Through our specialized knowledge of what it takes to become a Certified Rigger, full-time staff dedicated to the certification process—including NCCCO Certified Riggers and NCCCO Accredited Practical Examiners—and our proprietary educational materials, Crane Tech can help riggers and operators gain these credentials that will set them apart.

Riggers who successfully complete Crane Tech’s NCCCO Rigger certification preparation programs are better equipped to make positive decisions regarding safety and control of their loads. We believe that it’s not how well one does on a test, but how well one can maintain an accident-free site long term.

With active participation in the NCCCO, detailed knowledge of the NCCCO process, our unparalleled industry experience, and excellent quality and customer service standards—why choose any other company? Click to learn more about our involvement with the CCO.

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Rigging I – NCCCO Certification

Rigging II – NCCCO Certification


The NCCCO Rigger Level I &II  certifications were developed specifically for those who handle and move loads. This course is available through our On-Site Training and Scheduled Training programs, and will:

  • Cover what’s required to successfully pass the NCCCO Rigger Level I or Level II certification written and practical exams.
  • Provide new knowledge and skills that enhance your safety and work practices on the job.
  • Satisfy OSHA training requirements for construction, general industry, and maritime while providing essential information to keep you and your fellow workers safe.

Major Course Topics Include:

  • Scope of the Rigging Activity
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Inspection
  • Execution of the Rigging Activity

Examinations – Level I

After the preparation and training, Crane Tech will facilitate the written and practical exams required for certification. To be NCCCO certified for a five-year period, candidates must pass the written exam and the practical exam.

The written exam consist of 60 multiple-choice questions and candidates are allowed 60 minutes to complete the test. The practical examination is comprised of four main tasks that increase progressively in the skill level tested. Candidates’ skills are tested in demonstrating pre-use rigging inspection, rigging hitches, rigging connections, and basic knots.

Moving to Rigger II Certification

Rigger Level I graduates are encouraged to “step up” to Rigger Level II when they feel they are ready for the more challenging exams, or they can choose to test for both Rigger Level I and Level II at the same time.  In order to achieve Level II certification the candidate must either pass the Level I exam (if taken at the same time) or already be a Level I certified rigger.

If a certified Level I rigger is in the final year of certification, they may take the Rigger Level II exams in place of the Rigger Level I re-certification exam. In order to achieve full Rigger Level II certification, the candidate must pass the practical exam within 12 months of passing the Rigger Level II written exam.

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Training Schedule

Level I: 2-Day Course Hands On & Exams #4102 $1695

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Tampa Jun 25 - 28 Sign Up Now
Tampa Oct 29 - Nov 1 Sign Up Now

Important Note: Registration, Payment & Candidate Applications are due 2 weeks prior to the start of the class.

Level II: 3-Day Course Hands On & Exams #4236 $2095

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Tampa Jun 26 - 28 Sign Up Now
Tampa Oct 30 - Nov 1 Sign Up Now

Important Note: Registration, Payment & Candidate Applications are due 2 weeks prior to the start of the class.
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