Qualified Rigger Level 2 (On-Site)

You won’t find a more complete Journeyman rigging program anywhere! The journeyman rigger attending this course will learn how to ensure job-site safely using rigging principles and methods proven effective for thousands of Crane Tech customers.

This is not a course for the occasional rigger or one who does not take rigging seriously. Persons attending this course will learn exacting calculation methods for job planning, methods to keep people safe when working near energized power lines and how to manage the situation when a crane becomes energized. Learn how to select hardware and slings to build a bridle, how to build a 4-leg sling hitch that properly carries the load, and how to use rigging tools that allow for load turning and leveling.

Course Overview:

This program includes technical training, hands-on skills training and the required examinations to meet OSHA standards. The course teaches the proper use and pre-use inspection of rigging gear, slings and below-the-hook lifting devices to ensure those who complete training are competent.

Course Topics Include:

  • OSHA Regulations, §1926.1400 and 1910
  • Slings (All Types): Application and Proper Use
  • Rigging Hardware: Application and Proper Use
  • Below-the-Hook Lifting Device Application and Use
  • Softeners and Sling Protection
  • Sling Hitches and Applications
  • D/d Ratio Considerations
  • The Fall Zone and Cautions to Personnel
  • Sling & Hardware Rating Charts
  • How to Determine Bridle Sling Angles and Methods to Verify Sling Stress
  • Load Weight Distribution
  • How to Calculate and Locate Load Center of Gravity
  • Load Weight Calculations
  • How to Calculate Sling Angle Stress
  • Taglines and Their Proper Use
  • Power Line Safety
  • Assembly/Disassembly OSHA 1926 Subpart CC

Specific Training Objectives:

  • How to conduct a pre-use inspection of slings and rigging gear.
  • Selection of slings and rigging gear suitable for the job at hand.
  • Applying hitches suitable for the specific rigging task.
  • How to calculate sling tension in bridle sling legs.
  • How to locate and calculate the weight of a load.
  • How to calculate and determine the load’s center of gravity.
  • Application of tag lines in accordance with OSHA regulations.
  • How to apply appropriate safety measures when working near overhead electrical power lines.
  • Use of rigging tools common to the industry.
  • How to use the Journeyman Riggers Pocket Guide (provided with this course).
  • Power Line Safety.

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    More About On-Site Training

    On-Site Training

    More About On-Site Training

    When it comes to on-site training Crane Tech offers more services and options.


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    Site Specific: Crane Tech will never deliver a "canned" program to your site. Our Training Director listens carefully to learn your work requirements, your exact equipment, and training objectives. Site specific training means just that; Instruction that fits your company like a glove, and it’s where Crane Tech excels. We incorporate your policies so there are no conflicts between our instruction and your in-house efforts, and all government agency programs are tailored to your specific agency policies.

    Each of our instructors will gladly work with your management to help resolve critical issues. So training goes further than course delivery... it always extends to help you resolve issues specific to your operations.

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