Forklift Operator (On-Site)

Forklifts are involved in more industrial accidents than any other single type of equipment. Crane Tech’s Forklift Safety course is specifically designed to ensure that operators fully understand accident avoidance and proper use of their equipment. This program has a compliance basis of OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck standard with specific guidance on how to be most effective with forklifts.

This program is available to address vertical mast forklifts and/or telescopic boom forklifts.

Specific Training Objectives:

Qualify forklift operators in accordance with OSHA 29CFR Part 1910.178 (Powered Industrial Trucks), final rule. Course meets OSHA and ANSI/ASME training and operator qualification requirements.

Course Overview:

This program may be customized to address vertical mast and/or telescopic boom machines. Topics include: Identification of truck types for classification and intended use, Pre-use inspection, operational characteristics, truck stability, accident avoidance, proper stacking and handling of loads (load centers), use of nameplate data, safe and driving skills, and operator safety requirements.

Key Training Elements:

  • Principles of a Lift Truck
  • Operating Safety
  • Load Handling
  • Safety Rules
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Pre-operation inspection

Course Topics Include:

  • The counterbalance system
  • Forward stability and side stability
  • Controls and instruments
  • Starting the truck and safe shutdown
  • Direction changing and stopping
  • Steering and machine control
  • Refueling safety
  • Lifting, lowering and tilting
  • Load positioning
  • Proper load stacking
  • Pallet inspection
  • Safety rules
  • Operator qualification
  • Pre-use and shift Inspection
  • Watching out for obstacles
  • How to cross rail road tracks
  • How to operate on slopes or ramps
  • Cautions when working around workers
  • The operator’s role in preventive maintenance
  • Pre-shift inspection requirements
  • Safety equipment inspection
  • Brake operational test
  • Operational function check

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    More About On-Site Training

    On-Site Training

    More About On-Site Training

    When it comes to on-site training Crane Tech offers more services and options.


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    Field Coaching: We will work with your operators one-on-one to help them build the skills necessary to ensure safety and job performance.

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    Site Specific: Crane Tech will never deliver a "canned" program to your site. Our Training Director listens carefully to learn your work requirements, your exact equipment, and training objectives. Site specific training means just that; Instruction that fits your company like a glove, and it’s where Crane Tech excels. We incorporate your policies so there are no conflicts between our instruction and your in-house efforts, and all government agency programs are tailored to your specific agency policies.

    Each of our instructors will gladly work with your management to help resolve critical issues. So training goes further than course delivery... it always extends to help you resolve issues specific to your operations.

Forklift Training

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Forklift Training

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