Forklift Operator Train-the-Trainer

Powered Industrial Trucks, commonly called forklifts or lift trucks, represent one of the greatest potential job-site hazards in industry. Crane Tech’s Forklift Operator Train-the-Trainer program overs both vertical mast and telescopic boom forklifts, and teaches participants to qualify forklift operators in accordance with OSHA 29CFR Part 1910.178 (Powered Industrial Trucks). This course meets OSHA and ASME training and operator qualification requirements.

 Course Topics Include:

  • Principles of a lift truck
  • Operating safety
  • Lifting, lowering and tilting
  • Forklift capacity
  • Forward and side stability
  • Direction change and stopping
  • Traveling on ramps
  • Traveling on uneven ground
  • Crossing rail road tracks
  • Extending & raising boom
  • Working around power lines
  • Working with signals
  • Pre-use inspection
  • Normal shutdown procedures
  • Emergency shutdown procedures
  • Fire extinguisher requirements
  • Controls and instruments
  • Safety rules
  • Refueling safety
  • Battery safety and charging

Provided with each Train-the-Trainer program:

  • Master Training Manual – every trainer receives a Train-the-Trainer manual with specialized materials for future reference.
  • Detailed Training Syllabus – a step-by-step guide matched to the Master Training Manual and Presentations.
  • PowerPoint Presentations – digital presentation files customized to the syllabus and student manuals for high-impact training.
  • Student Materials – 10 sets of wallet cards, hard hat stickers, and relevant specialty materials to get your training started off right (manuals and additional materials can be purchased from Crane Tech).
  • Workshops – Interactive activities to enhance your students learning experience.
  • Written Exams – Pre- and post-tests professionally developed and keyed to your training materials.
  • Performance Exams – Hands-on performance tests for most programs help ensure your personnel are properly qualified.
  • Digital Files – Copies of select Crane Tech forms to use for your future training classes.

* Participants wanting Train-the-Trainer status with their free enrollment only pay Train-the-Trainer fees.

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