Overhead Crane Inspector

This program provides you with the knowledge and skills to ensure a high degree of safety and reliability for all of the cranes at your facility.

Instructors provided for these programs have a lifetime of experience in both inspection and maintenance of overhead cranes and systems. When attending at our Tampa Training Center you will receive detailed hands-on training. Learn what’s necessary to ensure safety and compliance with subjects such as; how to inspect wire rope and chain, mechanical systems, sheaves, safety devices, holding and load control brakes, and more.

When attending our Tampa Training Center learn hands-on using overhead cranes to reinforce your skills.

Course Topics Include:

  • Machine characteristics
  • How to check operational modes
  • Major operational components
  • Brake types and their characteristics
  • Capacity considerations and limitations
  • Safety devices and inspections
  • Contributing causes of crane failures
  • Required basic maintenance
  • Recognition of unsafe conditions
  • Load bearing and load controlling parts
  • Electrical disconnect inspection
  • Inspection frequency
  • Holding and controlling brakes
  • Wire rope inspection
  • Hoist chain inspection
  • Safety device Inspection
  • Lockout/tag-out requirements
  • Hoist power systems inspection
  • Hook and block inspection
  • Hoist suspension inspection
  • Pendant and cab controller inspection
  • Trolleys and trolley drive units
  • Bridge drive inspection
  • Track and rail inspection
  • Switches and interlock inspection
  • Resistors & electrical inspection
  • Electrical and mechanical load control brakes
  • Load control brakes inspection
  • Overload protection devices
  • Inspect collectors and conductors
  • Inspect stops, bumpers and sweeps
  • Drum and sheave inspection
  • Reeving and controlling block twist
  • Record keeping requirements

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    Overhead Crane Training

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