Pedestal Crane Inspector (On-Site)

Crane Tech’s Pedestal Crane Inspector Training is specifically designed for persons who inspect, test, and report on the condition of these cranes. Our personnel who provide instruction in this field have a lifetime of experience that can save you time and money by making sure your inspectors fully understand how to perform comprehensive inspections. Hands-on training means your personnel demonstrate their ability to perform on the job and skills training fills identified gaps. Course compliance basis includes API standards and MMS regulations.

Specific Training Objectives:

  • To ensure that crane inspectors have the knowledge and skills required to perform periodic inspections.
  • To ensure your inspectors can build a high degree of safety and reliability into all of the cranes at your facility.

Key Training Elements:

  • Operating Practices Overview
  • Pedestal Crane Load Charts
  • Static and Dynamic Ratings
  • Boom Inspection
  • Wire Rope Inspection
  • Hydraulic Inspection
  • Controls and Control Systems Inspection
  • Wire Rope Types & Inspection

Course Topics Include:

  • Size and characteristics of machine types
  • Major operational components
  • How OSHA applies to crane inspections
  • Application of other standards
  • Proper documentation of deficiencies
  • Frequent and periodic inspections
  • Minor maintenance and record keeping
  • Repair and alteration documentation
  • Manufacturer’s operating manual and instructions
  • Types of load indicating devices and inspections
  • Fire extinguisher required inspections
  • Wire rope types and construction
  • Wire rope application
  • Wire rope application
  • Proper wire rope installation
  • How to determine the proper rope for the crane
  • Wire rope inspection and rejection criteria
  • How to avoid and correct block spin
  • Sheave types, D/d ratios, and inspection
  • High strength structural bolted connections
  • Walkways, platforms, landings and ladders
  • Gears types and inspection
  • Bearing types and inspection
  • Basic electrical schematic interpretation
  • Basic hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Analysis of inspection results

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    More About On-Site Training

    On-Site Training

    More About On-Site Training

    When it comes to on-site training Crane Tech offers more services and options.


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    Field Coaching: We will work with your operators one-on-one to help them build the skills necessary to ensure safety and job performance.

    Practical Testing: Crane Tech will test your personnel and provide a report so you can assign jobs with confidence.

    Site Specific: Crane Tech will never deliver a "canned" program to your site. Our Training Director listens carefully to learn your work requirements, your exact equipment, and training objectives. Site specific training means just that; Instruction that fits your company like a glove, and it’s where Crane Tech excels. We incorporate your policies so there are no conflicts between our instruction and your in-house efforts, and all government agency programs are tailored to your specific agency policies.

    Each of our instructors will gladly work with your management to help resolve critical issues. So training goes further than course delivery... it always extends to help you resolve issues specific to your operations.

Pedestal Crane Training

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Pedestal Crane Training

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