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When the best solution for your personnel means working in the field to improve skills and proficiency, Crane Tech works shoulder to shoulder to get the job done.

Learning skills take time, but Crane Tech shortens that time by eliminating unnecessary efforts and providing “directed skills improvement.” And because many workers are self taught your company becomes vulnerable to misconceptions and unsafe acts.

As our staff shows workers proper methods, we’ll eliminate the shortcuts and help your company remove unsafe acts from your job site. Your personnel will work with improved confidence, safety, and efficiency.

We start by observing your personnel work and acquire specifics about their requisite knowledge of safety and operational issues. Then we go to work, in the field, coaching and directing safe, professional operations. Each worker benefits by skills training directed to exactly what they need, without the preconceived notions others suggest.

No wasted effort, and never a “canned” approach. This is competency based training at its best, and the directed skills improvement process cuts the normal time it takes to learn proper skills, safety, and efficiently.

Ask about our Field Coaching and you will soon see why this service is one of our most popular.

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Crane Tech is a NCCCO Platinum Sponsor. We offer a turn-key service for NCCCO training and testing. We will handle all paperwork, processing, training, and testing for one low fee. Call today and find out how easy NCCCO Certification can be with Crane Tech Service.

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