Lift Planning

When any object is lifted, whether it is vertically or horizontally, there is an inherent risk. While many lifts are standard, they still require a plan to make sure the lift happens safely and within the limits of the equipment and personnel. A new standard for lift planning brings forward items that should be considered such as the crane and rigging limits, the load being lifted, site conditions and travel plan. Crane Tech has the expertise and experience to assist in educating your personnel to ensure that lifts go smoothly and they can execute compliant maneuvers in the future—no matter how big or small.

When a lift has an elevated risk, you need a company with proven track record in difficult and unique lifts to help create a planned written approach for a safe execution. Crane Tech’s goal is to make sure the equipment, load, and personnel all make it through without damage that impacts future lifts or lives—a commitment we take very seriously.

Crane Tech Lift Planning is conducted in accordance with appropriate standards, such as the ASME P30.1 and related B30 standards, and is customized according to unique client load handling equipment (LHE) and experience level. Our goal is to have all parties who sign off on the written lift plan have the knowledge and confidence that all lift aspects are considered.

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