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We are one team working in concert to draw on unique skills and abilities with a unified clear purpose—provide quality service, superior training and reliable results for our customers. Founded by the man who started the industry of providing training for crane operators and now led by his son, our Crane Tech team includes some of the most experienced professionals from the material handling industry.

Executive Technical Leadership

Bo Collier


Since 1978 Bo has served as a training instructor and inspector for all types of mobile cranes, overhead cranes, container equipment, forklifts, aerial lifts and rigging gear. After leaving the U.S. Army in the early 1970’s Bo went to work in construction and then as a mobile crane operator and rigger.See more

His move to join the company turned into a life-long passion where his reputation is known throughout the material handling training industry. Bo gained his US Department of Labor Maritime Surveyor accreditation for lifting gear certification in 1984 and as Chief Surveyor in 1990; a position he holds to this day. Bo is a NCCCO Commissioner, has served on numerous NCCCO task forces, and sits on the Mobile Crane Written Exam Management committee and the Rigging Management committee. While Bo remains active in the day-to-day operations his passion, and what he describes as his primary responsibility, is ensuring that every service Crane Tech provides is of the highest quality, with an uncompromised commitment to technical accuracy, and efficiency for the end user.

Instructional Team

Crane Tech instructors have a passion to teach others in the material handling industry how to work safely, while providing a dynamic learning environment. Every trainer has a minimum of 15 years of hands-on field experience operating and/or inspecting cranes and heavy equipment, and most progressed to the position of supervisor or manager prior to becoming an instructor. Our instructors have undergone the most stringent testing and qualification process in the industry—passing an interview that includes a minimum of six-hours of technical content testing and spending 60 to 90 days under senior leadership learning to provide training in accordance with Crane Tech policies and expectations. In addition, all Crane Tech field personnel are professional in approach and demeanor; further ensuring the quality of service they provide is second to none.

Jeff Ellis

The position of Field Manager requires the utmost attention to detail and a capability to resolve complex lifting issues. A job title not easily achieved, and held by only a handful of trainers since 1977, it is certainly appropriate for Jeff Ellis. See more

Prior to joining Crane Tech in 2008, Jeff was Crane Supervisor for the Port of Charleston, the nation’s fourth busiest container port located in South Carolina. Jeff’s position included overseeing operation of all container and mobile cranes, yearly certification for crane operators for OSHA requirements, and instruction for safety and crane operations. His career began after six years in the U.S. Navy, joining the International Union of Operating Engineers then later operating cranes for a major overhead crane builder and installer, a bridge building contractor and AK Steel (formerly Aramco Steel) where he continually achieved the highest awards for quality of service. Voted Top Trainer by Crane Hotline Magazine and his peers in 2015, Jeff is an NCCCO Certified Crane Operator in all mobile crane disciplines.

Frank Steffens

Frank joined Crane Tech in 2007 after a 30-year career working for the world’s largest phosphate mining company. While Frank’s primary responsibility was mobile crane operations, his experience includes rigging and operating everything from forklifts, aerial lifts, overhead cranes, and earth moving equipment. See more

Since Frank began as instructor and on-site safety consultant for Crane Tech, his steady hand and calm guidance has helped improve the reliability and safety for each person he serves. Frank is an NCCCO Certified Crane Operator.

Ben Williams

Prior to joining Crane Tech Ben spent more than 20-years in the material handling field. First serving as a mobile crane operator where his skills include lattice friction and hydraulic cranes. Ben later became a member of the crane inspection and maintenance team at Kennedy Space Center. See more

In this position Ben refined his knowledge and skill and oversaw the inspection and repair of critical overhead cranes and hoisting units. His experience working at a high level of quality control and expertise made him uniquely qualified to join our team and currently provides a number of operator and inspector services. Ben is an NCCCO Certified Overhead Crane Operator.

Randy Myette

Born into a family business of building, repairing, installing and inspecting overhead cranes and systems, Randy spent his career working in and then managing his family’s business. As the years progressed and multi-national crane companies began eating away at his business, See more

Randy began outsourcing his teaching talents to a national management consulting firm, where he later found Crane Tech. Randy’s dynamic and energetic personality combined with his technical knowledge and skills of overhead cranes and rigging bring a unique set of problem solving skills to each client he serves. Randy served on the NCCCO Overhead Crane Task Force that determined the content of the certification exams (written and practical) and currently serves as Crane Tech’s representative to the NCCCO’s Overhead Crane Operator Certification committee. He is an NCCCO Certified Crane Operator and Practical Examiner.

Ron Lambrecht

Ron’s career began with a six-year enlistment in the U.S. Air Force where he entered military law enforcement and received high-level training to become an instructor for accident investigation and related fields. See more

After receiving an honorable discharge he joined the International Union of Operating Engineers where he learned the trade of crane operator and construction equipment operation. Today Ron has more than eight years of crane and heavy equipment teaching experience that spans a wide range of equipment and industries. Ron’s most enjoyable assignments are to overseas locations where he has excelled in assisting clients from Africa to South America. Ron is a NCCCO Certified Mobile Crane Operator and Practical Examiner.

Ethan Collier

Ethan joined Crane Tech in 2012, starting in the office with material production, entering inspection report details, and learning Course Development while learning from senior staff and attending training courses. Currently, Ethan is certified by the NCCCO for all types of Mobile Cranes, Overhead Cranes, Rigging (Levels 1 and 2), Signal Person, and holds a practical examiner license in each of these certifications. Ethan is also a Certified Lift Director – and marked this certification by being the youngest ever to gain this highly sought after NCCCO credential. He also holds a certification in ABL and ABW Articulating cranes. See more

Ethan regularly provides instruction for Rigger, Signal Person, and CCO Certification prep courses, and runs the Mobile Crane Professional Operator Development courses at the company’s crane yard and training center. His hands-on coaching style and success at helping persons gain their NCCCO Certification have earned him a reputation for adopting new learning styles to help others achieve their goals. Ethan also teaches Forklift Operator and Aerial Lift Operator courses at Crane Tech’s training center. He is part of Crane Tech’s third generation, making him a real asset to the company.

Paul Martyn

Paul has 24 years of experience operating in both the United States and in Europe. Prior to joining Crane Tech in 2017 he spent six years as an NCCCO-certified operator and safety manager within industrial, commercial, wind and oil fields in west Texas. See more

Paul is also a commercial pilot and was a flight instructor for several years. He is a NCCCO Certified Mobile Crane Operator.

Support Team

OfficeThe quality products and services Crane Tech provides are facilitated and managed by Crane Tech’s professional office staff.  From document management and accounting to sales and marketing, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to answer any questions you may have.


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