Crane Tech Values

Crane Tech Values

Since 1977, our goal has been to bring clients the highest quality training, inspection, and consulting services available. We don’t believe anyone hires a service company planning to waste time and money on failed promises and missed objectives. Yet, training and inspection services are a difficult resource to evaluate. What sounds good on the front end can fail miserably on the back end. We promise to meet your objectives and deliver a service that exceeds your expectations.

We genuinely believe in Safety through Education. Our effectiveness as trainers and the method we present information translates directly into your organization’s reliability to perform and the well being of your personnel. To this end, we created our values to include:

Teamwork – We are one team working in concert to draw on unique skills and abilities with a unified clear purpose. We encourage diversity and equal opportunity to enable maximum potential. Our dedicated and experienced team is our foundation—without it we cannot succeed.

Integrity – Honesty and fairness are what we live by. We will always do what’s right, and understand that trust is critical. We stake our personal and professional reputations on the excellence of our work. Compromising integrity means failure—we refuse to fail.

Commitment – We are proud to be consistently associated with the highest standards, unsurpassed quality and personal attention to our client’s needs. We are measured by the strength of our character and unwavering commitment to do what’s right—all the time.

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