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The following are questions frequently asked. If you don’t find the answer to your questions here don’t hesitate to call.

Can any of the scheduled training classes be delivered at my site?

Yes! Scheduled classes are some of our most popular courses so it’s quite natural that these are also our most popular on-site programs as well. Let us know the exact equipment you have and we’ll customize a program to meet your exact needs.

How does Crane Tech provide a customized program at an affordable cost?

It is a fact that customizing a program can drive up the cost of training unless you take action to reduce the time and manpower required to customize. That’s why Crane Tech developed a proprietary software we call ‘Course Builder’ that enables us to select from hundreds of relevant documents and course designs to meet your exact needs. We add the description of your course and Course Builder finds all manuals, workshops, tests, and lesson plans relevant to your subjects. We drag and drop your relevant materials into your course and the course is built. Certainly some programs take some added work for specialized needs, but that’s part of our service. We’re proud of offering this service at a cost any company can afford.

Can courses and subjects be combined for delivery at my company?

Yes. There are many subjects that just go together, and many companies have multiple types of equipment. We have been combining and customizing program content since 1977, so just ask us how we can help.

Why does Crane Tech proclaim to be the leader with so many companies out there?

It’s simple, Crane Tech puts more resources into developing new training methods, testing, hands-on skills training programs, and most importantly, our personnel than any other company. You can learn a lot about what makes Crane Tech stand out by reading our “Behind The Scenes” articles or the “Hooked On Crane Tech” blog. Here you will learn the depth and detail that goes into sharing our passion for Safety through Education, and don’t you want to be associated with a company like that?

Do Crane Tech instructors have field experience?

One of the most important qualifications our instructor’s have is major hands-on experience. In addition to field experience, we look for personnel who have worked in management positions, which means they worked their way up and can relate to the field and management issues.

Are Crane Tech’s tests designed so everyone passes?

No! We use Item Analysis software to keep a close eye on how each test question performs and to evaluate how well our students perform on our tests. We certainly don’t want our tests to be too easy, or too hard. There is a medium range we strive for with every test so that even our brightest students have to participate in training to score well. We feel our clients want fair testing that actually records student achievement. See our Behind the Scenes article titled Test Development and Item Analysis.

How do I register for a scheduled training program?

You can register by clicking the “Sign Up Now” link on any scheduled program page, or by simply calling our Registrar at 1-800-290-0007.

Does Crane Tech Certify students who attend training?

Except for organizations such as the CCO, there is no such thing as a “Certified” operator. Certify is a word that is misused and often misunderstood. Because Crane Tech does not Certify anyone doesn’t mean we don’t put all our company credibility, and liability on the line. However, there are no regulations that use the term “Certify.” OSHA and other Federal standards use the word “Qualify” and only an employer can “Qualify” a person for a specific job. Crane Tech provides training and testing to help our clients qualify their employees using our training and testing methods as assurance of knowledge and skill.

Where is Crane Tech located?

Our corporate office is located in Tampa, Florida. For address or direction information, please visit our contact page.

Does Crane Tech offer any special pricing?

From time to time, Crane Tech may offer special promotions for scheduled training classes through our Weekly Tagline, click here to sign up and receive our newsletter. All year long, we offer the third enrollment free and 50% off refresher training, these offers cannot be combined with any other promotions.

  • Enroll 2 and 3rd is FREE: Select courses offer a special promotion of enroll 2 and get the 3rd FREE. All three students must be from the same company and enrolled in the same class/dates.  Candidates who fail to show up for their free course may not move their attendance to any other course or date. Participants wanting Train-the-Trainer status with their free enrollment only pay the Train-the-Trainer fees.
  • Refresher Training: Receive 50% off any refresher training within 24 months of completing a Crane Tech program or a competitor’s program of similar length. Documentation of such must be submitted prior to attendance.

Does Crane Tech accept Credit Cards for payment?

Yes, we accept American Express, Visa, Discover and Master Card.

Does Crane Tech offer payment options or financial assistance?

For more information on payment options or financial assistance , please visit our financial page.

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